Plan of Action

Through our research, we have found that miscommunication between the City of Hartford and its residents is not due to a lack of information, but a gap in the way that it is being put out and how residents would like to receive information.  Residents appeared willing to hear what the City had to communicate, but were unsure of where and how to access information.

We also found that Hartford is comprised of many tight-knit communities.  Many residents we talked to cited word of mouth as their primary way of getting information.  This meant anything from hearing from friends and family to employers and landlords.  Residents also commonly mentioned local news stations and local radio stations.

Our Suggestions

  • Based on our research, we believe implementing a city-wide texting service would make residents feel more connected to the City of Hartford.
  • Another way residents would like to receive information is through an email newsletter.
  • Based on the number of respondents who mentioned going the “old school” route, a physical newsletter which could be made accessible in public places such as local libraries and churches might be beneficial.


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