Meet The Team

The addiction treatment team consists of five Trinity College students.

Jasmine Parras¬†– Class of 2023¬†planning to major in Public Policy and minor in history or Spanish. “The most exciting element while doing this project was learning about the different types of treatment there are for people.”

Arianna O’Brien – Class of 2021, ¬†Public Policy and Law Major, minoring in Writing, Rhetoric, and Media Studies. “My favorite part of this project was seeing firsthand how passionate InterCommunity Health is about helping those struggling with addiction.”

Nina Montross – Class of 2020, Psychology Major. “After taking two courses my senior fall about addiction and addiction treatment my interest in this area sparked making this Action Lab a perfect opportunity for me to learn more and have a direct impact within this field.”

Lauren Mac Master – Class of 2020, Psychology Major. ” My interest in drugs and behaviour and addiction lead me to the Action Lab.”

Adrian Rivera – Class of 2020