Our group used Qualtrics as a tool to draft the questionnaire and sent it to Hartford teachers. 

We specifically focused on anti-racist and diversity training, anti-racist curriculum, and anti-racist materials as the main themes of the investigation. Demographics also included in the survey, such as grades and subjects they taught, their racial identity, gender, and years of teaching.

Through the questionnaire, we aim to learn the progress of Hartford schools’ anti-racist education from the perspective of teachers. Are their classes and schools diverse? Is the environment provided for discussing race satisfactory? How did they teach anti-racist classes as teachers? Have they observed incidents of racial discrimination in the past? What else do they think they can improve on as a teacher?

We drafted about 25 questions for this anonymous survey. These questions include multiple-choice questions. For example, “I feel that my lesson plans reflect the cultural identities of the students in my classroom.” The options are from strongly agree to strongly disagree.  Open-ended questions are used as an extension of the multiple-choice question, “Since you do not agree you feel comfortable talking about racism in your classroom, Please explain what would make you feel more comfortable.” 


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