Plan of Action

Our Recommendations…

  • Create a coalition of community stakeholders within the Asylum Hill neighborhood. This coalition should combine the public and private sectors, including neighborhood nonprofits and local residents. Develop a visioning process for goals and strategies of the coalition.
  • Identify consistent funding resources. If none can be identified, develop action plan to raise funding for coalition and subsequent programming. The use of this funding will be three-fold: infrastructure improvement and repair, way-finding signage and communication, and community programming.   
  • Determine leadership structure that will carry out the strategies and goals determined by the coalition. Leadership organization will also be in charge of planning and executing community programming.              
  • Design programming with the goal of creating a space for neighborhood residents and stakeholders to come together, communicate and engage one another in a creative and positive manner. Given the results of our neighborhood interviews, parades and musical events would likely be popular among neighborhood residents.

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