This report is made possible by The Sierra Club of Connecticut, from whom we received the guidance, expertise, and partnership necessary to complete our research efforts.

This report and the research behind it would not be possible without the continued support of Dr. Camilo Ruiz Sanchez, who offered essential expertise, academic guidance, and assistance throughout the duration of the project.

The completion of this project could not have been achieved without the support and expertise of Dr. Emily Cummins, and our team appreciates the productive learning environment created for us through the research process.

We formally extend our gratitude to Trinity College, the Liberal Arts Action Lab, and all of the individuals that made this report possible and offer our sincere appreciation for the learning opportunities provided to the members of our project team.

We would also like to thank the Hartford Public Library for their advice in our archival research.

We would like to express our gratitude towards our community partners and PhotoVoice photographers, without whom the PhotoVoice portion of our report would not be possible. We appreciate all of the time and effort that the individuals put in to make our report as effective as possible.

We extend our deepest thanks to all of the individuals who spoke with us about Energy Burden to share their perspectives and expertise on the matter. All of our meetings were incredibly efficient and informative and guided us greatly through our research process.

We would like to pay special regards to Dr. Peter Bent for his expert guidance, advice, and support throughout the research process. 

This project would not have been possible without the revision of this report by Dr. Peter Bent, Sam Donowsky, and Alycia Jenkins. 

Finally, we are grateful for the efforts of all the members of our research team.

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