The purpose of the  Neighborhood Investment Project in the Action Lab has been to look at the ways in which revitalization would be a significant benefit for the Southwest and Behind the Rocks communities. In collaboration with our community partner, Jim Boucher, and the South West and Behind The Rocks NRZ, our goal has been to examine how investments can lead to improved community and city conditions and to what extent past investments have done so. Going into the project we knew that a number of community stakeholders suggested additional investments such as a full-service community center, infrastructure improvements to New Britain Avenue, and other similar community development projects that they believe would be a good return on investment for wealth creation and community revitalization. Throughout the course of the project, we have evaluated investments made in the city of Hartford and their return value. We individually analyzed statistics over the past forty years including variables such as median income, property values, increased education outcomes, and city transportation. 

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