Plan of Action- Recommendations for Grow Hartford

Throughout our research and communication with Hartford Public High School stakeholders and decision makers, we were able to gather great pieces of advice and recommendations that have the potential to help Grow Hartford reach their goals. We recommend that Grow Hartford advocates for the following:

  1. Contact power players on the power map we provided to expand Grow Hartford’s network and connections with Hartford Public Schools and those in positions of power that can potentially influence school food nutrition. Consider recommendations outlined in the power map tailored to each power player and their leadership roles/abilities, and provide them with those ideas and different ways that they can help, engage, and eventually advocate for Grow Hartford and addressing food injustice.
  2. Put pressure on Hartford Public Schools to implement more diverse and inclusive food options that accurately represent student and staff demographics – acknowledging and celebrating the diversity of cultures in HPS with culturally relevant food options. Encourage HPS to decrease the amount of dairy in their school meals, due to its harmful effects that disproportionately impact people of color, and push them to incorporate healthy and enjoyable alternatives for those with dietary restrictions, such as lactose intolerance, gluten allergies, etc., and those who are vegetarian, vegan, etc.
  3. Advocate for more regionalized food systems that are more environmentally friendly, sustainable, and socially equitable in Hartford Public Schools by switching from buying fresh produce from large farm corporations, to instead sourcing out affordable, organic fruits, and vegetables from local farms and community youth run gardens. This can be achieved by showing the decision makers the positive economic effects this change will have on Hartford and its communities, as well as the positive health and nutrition benefits associated with more organic, locally sourced food.
  4. Present a list to Hartford Public Schools including healthier, affordable, and enjoyable food alternatives that they can sell instead of the unhealthy options they currently sell like chips and candy.
  5. Host free, interactive workshops to educate parents and relevant stakeholders about affordable healthy food choices, and create opportunities for them to get involved. Encourage students to attend and potentially facilitate these workshops, through Grow Hartford’s emphasis on youth-led advocacy.


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