Employee Interview Findings

Employee Interview Findings

In addition to interviewing program leaders, our team wanted to hear from culinary workers. We interviewed a total of 12 culinary workers from places like One State Street Cafe, Restaurant 20, and Chartwells.

What are current culinary workers’ career aspirations?

Over  50% of the culinary workers express their desire that they need career advancement in their current and also want to remain in their current job.

Moving ahead in their careers 4 of the workers interviewed said they need more job training while 3 of them mentioned better connections. Also, 2 workers were much concerned about more certifications.  However, there was only 3 response for the more years on the job.

What do workers say they need for promotion?

There were  one-third of the workers who need greater variety, personal growth and higher level of knowledge and skills on their current career in terms of job training and more years on their job

What did workers do before landing their current job?

The workers were interviewed on what they did before getting into their current positions. Out of 12 workers, 3 went to the following culinary school; Johnson & Wells, French Culinary Institute, Sommelier Society of America.  6 workers said they did not take any culinary classes before their current jobs and only 3 worker answered yes without details.

What do workers like and dislike about the culinary industry?

From the chart, there is an indication that the culinary workers whom we interviewed like their job because of the pay associated with the job, number of hours they work, stability in the work and just like been around both workers and other peoples.  On the other hand others do not like the pressure they received from theirs leaders and the other workers.


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