Program Findings

Which Program Models are Best?

After analyzing the programs given by the project partner, Billings Forge, the success of a program has been identified from the program graduation rate, employment rate and the number of trainees per year of each program. 

Parameters for success 

Best Graduation Rate

The graduation rate of the program models ranges from 65%-100% with 81% as the average.  This shows that the best graduation rate is 90 and above and that goes to the house of bread-100%, Inspirational and Liberty kitchen 90% each.

In terms of duration of programs, we found that the longer the program was the more successful the participant was.

Program with the Best Employment Rate

With the average employment rate of 80.6% for the 22 program models.  The highest employment was Edwinds 95, AspenPointe 93 and 90 for Maryland Food Bank, Café Reconcile and Kitchens for Good

Number of Trainees for the Program Per Year

Freestore Foodbank has the highest trainees per year as 129, followed by Green Opportunities with 92 trainees, and the DC Central Kitchen with 90 trainees. The average number of trainees per year for the program model is 57 trainees.


the most consistent Program finding was the correlation of the length of the program and the success of its participants.


we concluded that due to the length students are able to absorb the information and practice it more compared to shorter programs where they do not necessarily have the time to practice their skills before going into the field.








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