Who is facing eviction in Hartford?

People of Color Were Over-Represented in our Sample

For our sample we spoke to 22 people who were at the courthouse for an eviction matter. Of those 22 people, 14 were African American, 7 were Hispanic or Latino, and 1 was non-Hispanic White. Only 3 out of 22 respondents were men, although many eviction notices included male occupants. The median age of our sample was 38, and 55% of respondents had children living with them. The average rent was $890.00, and the median monthly income was $1800. 

We compared the data from our sample with the demographics of renters in the Hartford Metropolitan Statistical Area. Our sample is predominately comprised of people of color. Of the people we surveyed, 64% were African American or Black, and 32% were Hispanic or Latino. Only 5% were non-Hispanic White.



When comparing respondents to one another by their monthly income and outcome of hearing we can observe a trend in those with lower monthly incomes entering into stipulation agreements. The chart also shows a gap in eviction occurrences within the respondents of our research in monthly incomes ranging from those making over $4,500 but no more than $6,500.

The median percentage of respondents monthly income that goes to rent is 42%.

Those with government assistance in our sample have substantially lower rent. Though 20 out of 22 of our respondents qualified for government assistance, only 3 received it.

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