We came upon many great sources of information about local foods throughout our research. Below is a cumulative list of resources related to food accessibility in Hartford and CT including information relating to the benefits to eating locally, Hartford farmers’ markets information, recipes, and shopping tips, food-related organizations in Hartford, and SNAP and community garden resources.

Recipes and Shopping

SNAP Recipes:  The  U.S. Department of Agriculture provides a SNAP educational program including a list of recipes that are healthy and easy to make.

Seasonal Produce Guide: An interactive list from the U.S. Department of Agriculture provides a SNAP educational program of foods that can be found at farmers’ markets and grocery stores organized by when they are in season. Their nutritional content, recipes and benefits about each food can also be found here.

Meal Planning, Shopping and Budgeting: The U.S. Department of Agriculture SNAP education program experts have created a number of resources providing tips for budgeting and shopping for food.

Good Food on a Tight Budget Recipes From University of Minnesota Extension: 10 recipes developed by a community organization about healthy eating and cooking for low-income families called Cooking Matters. This resource includes shopping lists, step-by-step cooking directions, and serving sizes for each recipe.

CT and Hartford Food Organizations

End Hunger CT: End Hunger CT is an organization aimed towards fight hunger in CT and create better food security throughout CT. There are a number of events throughout CT relating to food security listed on the website, as well as more resources on shopping, budgeting, and recipes.

Hands on Hartford: Hands on Hartford is an organization aimed to strengthen the sense of community in Hartford, and serve families in need facing food insecurity. They list community events on their site and information about other initiatives they take to improve food access in Hartford.

Food Share: Foodshare is a food bank serving Hartford and Tolland counties. Their website provides information about food accessibility issues in Hartford and how you can volunteer to help.

Connecticut Food Systems Alliance: the CT Food Systems Alliance aims to fight food insecurity in CT by providing grants for organizations with similar goals, information sources and job postings related to food in CT.

Regional Market: the Hartford regional market website offers a number of sources about where to eat locally in Hartford as well as a source for job postings.

List of Connecticut Food Pantries: this list acts as a resource for residents to see food pantries and subsidized grocery stores by town in CT.

SNAP Resources

SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) provides financial assistance to low-income individuals and families when they shop for food. The following resources provide more information about SNAP and education about nutrition created by SNAP.

SNAP 4 CT: SNAP 4 CT is a resource with education about SNAP, healthy foods in Hartford and recipes.

Oh SNAP: Oh SNAP! is the organization that creates the partnership between the 5 SNAP redeemable farmers’ markets  in Hartford to encourage residents to shop locally.

UCONN SNAP-Ed Extension: UCONN College of Health, Agriculture and Natural Resources has created a website with a variety of resources relating to SNAP.

Connecticut Fresh Match Program: the CT Fresh Match program allows Hartford residents to double their SNAP benefits at farmers’ markets to encourage the consumption of local foods. Their website provides information about SNAP eligibility, volunteer opportunities, and much more.

Community Garden Resources

Community gardens are a great way to promote local, healthy and sustainable foods while bringing together the community. The following resources give tips about how to start and maintain community gardens.

KNOX Community Gardens: KNOX aims to continue to create more community gardens throughout Hartford to benefit the community and environment. You can find out more about these gardens and volunteer opportunities on their website.

CT Community Gardening: CT Community Gardening aims to create more community gardens in CT by sharing the benefits for the community and environment. You can find out more on their website about events related to community gardens, where to find community gardens and how to start one.


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