Who Are We?

Limitless Fitness is a project in partnership with community member Kelly Boscarino, Senior Grants Specialist of Oak Hill Adaptive Sports and Fitness. Our research project focuses on how we can expand Oak Hill’s sphere of influence to other facilities and related organizations. Spreading awareness of the unique and specialized physical training for people with disabilities and veterans that Oak Hill Adaptive Sports and Fitness provides will allow other facilities to incorporate similar programs and increase their support for people living with disabilities. Oak Hill is one of the few facilities in the country that serves a broad range of disabilities from minor mental delays to severe physical disabilities and everything in between, and their service to and care for this community is beyond exceptional.

Meet The Team

School: Trinity College
Year: Sophomore
Major(s): Environmental Science, Urban Studies (minor)
Project interest: The Action Lab provided a unique gateway into the world of community activism and engagement in a year where a global pandemic has left many of us feeling isolated. Through our work with Oak Hill Adaptive Sports & Fitness, I’ve found a way to provide meaningful results to a community in need. More importantly, I’ve learned what it means to be a partner by becoming more informed on how different backgrounds can offer insights that are often excluded in the work of academia. 

School: Trinity College
Year: Senior
Major(s): Public Policy & Law, Spanish (minor)
Project interest: I felt as if I wanted to engage more with Hartford and the surrounding community during my last semester at Trinity. As a Public Policy & Law major, I was excited at the opportunity to conduct and analyze research in a real-life setting. Oak Hill has such an important mission, and I was excited to see that Trinity had partnered with them. 

School: Trinity College
Year: Freshman
Major(s): Biology, Chinese
Project interest: Engaging with the city of Hartford is a pivotal step to fostering a symbiotic relationship between Trinity and its surrounding community; especially during a time of global upheaval these ties are absolutely necessary to preserving the health and integrity of the locale. By collaborating with the Oak Hill Adaptive Sports and Fitness Center, a facility dedicated to the long-term betterment of physical fitness among individuals with disabilities, I was given the opportunity to and analytically understand the needs of the community and vocalize these exigencies to resources that have the power to ameliorate their respective situations. 

School: Trinity College
Year: Junior
Major(s): Public Policy & Law with a Health Concentration
Project interest: Being able to work with Oak Hill Adaptive Sports and Fitness not only gave me the opportunity to become more involved with the Hartford community, but also has provided me with important information about supporting people with disabilities and the importance of physical activity within the disabled community. Trinity College’s Liberal Arts Action Lab provides Trinity students the opportunity to make valuable impacts in the lives of people who may not always receive the support they need. Being involved with an amazing and unique program like Oak Hill Adaptive Sports and Fitness was an opportunity I did not want to miss out on. 

Our Partner: Oak Hill Adaptive Sports & Fitness Center

Oak Hill is on the forefront of providing incredibly beneficial physical fitness, sports programming, and general health and wellness education to the disabled community. Their fitness center works to ensure fun and fitness are intertwined with the same quality, diversity, and availability as is offered by sports and fitness programs to those living without disabilities. 


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