Messaging & Engagement

One of the most important aspects of running a business is conveying your business model through engaging and informational messaging. For a fitness center that focuses on training clients with a wide variety of disabilities, messaging is critical. Because people tend to ignore many scientifically correct terms when referring to people in the disabled population, and also have a tendency to categorize people into one huge group, one of the best ways to offer a unique business model is to ensure utmost specificity when leading a marketing campaign. In VERB™—a social marketing campaign to increase physical activity among youth. Preventing chronic disease, the authors highlight the importance of knowing your audience. They recommend Community-based events and grassroots marketing, activity promotions, community partnerships, and utilizing social media and technology when available.  Along with these strategic business moves, it is critical to portray the gym and its offerings in a fun way. People are always looking to copy those around them, so if it looks like a client is having fun, people are going to be more likely to want to try the gym. However, the best way to portray the happiness of the clients is to optimize all of the aforementioned recommendations to the best of the organization’s ability.

Along with that, The article entitled “Get the message? A scoping review of physical activity messaging,” offered insight to effectively deliver physical activity messages to various population subgroups ranging from PA messages for young children, pregnant women, and individuals with disabilities. Similar to the other article, the findings from this one also support the idea that “delivering PA (physical activity)  messages to young people through mass media, websites and smartphone apps.” As times have changed, people of all ages have become more reliant and receptive to information they receive on the internet, so all companies and businesses should have a strong social media platform, which uses very specific and precise language.


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