Plan of Action

We see our work as a piece of advocacy research that can be used by Community Solutions as a source of evidence and knowledge about the Promise as they continue their work with other organizations.  Community Solutions is very much a project-based organization.  This means that it carries out its work by spearheading a number of projects, like the Swift Factory renovation.  However, in order to accomplish these projects, the organization has to garner support from other organizations, government agencies, etc.  It also has to receive permission to carry out projects as well (ex. rezoning).  Our project will serve as a resource for Community Solutions as they work to garner support and funding from other community partners.  Community Solutions’ ArcGIS Online account currently stores this team’s story maps meaning that the organization readily has access to these materials for conducting additional spatial analyses.

Similarly,  our project will also aid Community Solutions in its own efforts to strategize internally for its work in the Promise Zone.  As the organization continues to plan for housing in the Promise Zone in the future, what we have provided (ex. our hot spot analyses) will help Community Solutions in honing its resources on the areas that need those resources the most.

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