Services Offered

Current Services

English Language Learning

The English Language Learning service is available to those that put a language other than English as their primary language on the Home Language Survey when enrolling. In an English Language Learning class, the students are provided with linguistic support such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

Past Services

New Arrivals

The New Arrivals program started in the in the early to mid 1980s for Hartford Public schools. After speaking with someone who was involved heavily with the program, she was able to explain why the program eventually ended. During the 1980s and 90s, Hartford had one of the largest influxes of West Indian immigrants. These newly arrived students were all going to about 5 schools in Hartford within the North End where there was a New Arrivals program at each school that had a large number of recently arrived West Indian students. The program consisted mainly of academic, but also cultural support. The New Arrivals program ended around 2009 due to schools becoming more decentralized and creating their own programs.

Buddy System

At one high school, a teacher implemented a Buddy System where newly arrived West Indian students were paired up with a West Indian student already within the school system. These buddies would help the newly arrived students feel more comfortable and hopefully have a smoother transition. Unfortunately, the teacher who started the program left the school and with that, the system was ended.

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