We are students from Trinity College and Capital Community College working with the Liberal Arts Action Lab. Throughout this semester, our group collaborated with Active City. We asked parents to answer various questions to get to the heart of our overall research questions.

How many kids are participating in youth sports programs within the last year in Hartford? 

What communities are being left out?

What are the possible barriers to preventing kids from participating in sports?

Our goal for this research is to increase the participation rates in youth sports organizations in Hartford. We also think it is important to get the youth involved in sports because it provides many physical health, psychological, and social benefits (Institute for the Study of Youth Sports at Michigan State University). 


Who is Active City

Active City is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to making sure children in Hartford have access to affordable athletic organizations by supporting and creating youth sports programs. Their most popular and successful programs are Saturday hoopsters, soccer clubs, and youth cycling.

What has Active City asked us to do

Active City wants us to find the percentage of kids currently involved in sports organizations and additionally who is being left out. 

During our research project, our group focused on parents who live in Hartford to find out why their kids are or are not participating in sports organizations.





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