Housing Glossary

There are many different types of housing in the North End of Hartford. From single-family units, multi-family homes, perfect sixes, triple-deckers, as well as federal and private housing projects. 



Public housing is safe a decent housing provided by the government for low-income families, the elderly, and people with disabilities.



Private housing is privately owned housing unit where the owner has all rights and can exercise those rights. 



A single-family unit is a house occupied by one family (parents and children) and often owned by the same family.



A multi-family unit housing is often a single-family house split into two or more units. The units may have separate owners (twin house) or the same owner and renters (duplex). 



Perfect Six Units are three-story apartment buildings that have two units on a floor. 



Triple-decker or Three-decker units are three-story apartment complexes with each floor as a separate unit. Oftentimes triple-deckers are occupied by one family with extended family living in the other units. 



Federal housing projects or subsidized housing are provided by state and local agencies and provide rental assistance for low-income individuals and households. 


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