The goal of our project was to determine the homeownership rate in the North End of Hartford with the ultimate goal of creating a database for LISC. We looked at three research questions:

  1. How does the view of homeownership in the North End neighborhood impact stability both economically and socially?
  2. Homeownership data conclude that owning a home increases familial stability and overall financial security. However, due to high rates of home abutment and accidental ownership in Hartford’s North End neighborhood does the community concluded data surrounding homeownership apply to this population?
  3. Does a high poverty rate in an area lead to a lack of desire for homeownership and motivate residents to occupy lower commitment housing in hopes of moving to higher-income areas? 

We began our research by gathering information from databases and archives to help us form an understanding of the North End Community and its history. We then went on walking tours of the North End and interviewed community members, organizers, and people involved in the community. Throughout our research, we discovered that the housing stock in the North End is heavily related to the homeownership rate as the North End is made up of mostly multi-unit buildings.

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