Project Overview

Capital Workforce Partners has tasked our group with updating data on the number of Opportunity Youth in the Hartford area, as well as analyzing data from the organizations that are currently part of the Hartford Data Collaborative.

The project proposal asks that we identify data gaps and analyze data to help the organizations in serving these youth as efficiently and effectively as possible.

To complete this project we have used the following questions:

  1. What is the history of the term Opportunity Youth?
  2. Who are Hartford’s Opportunity Youth?
  3. What programs currently exist, and how do they serve the participating youth?
  4. How have the life circumstances changed between 2016 and 2018?
  5. What would Opportunity Youth like for the organizations to do with the data and what are their opinions on it being shared?

Capital Workforce Partners (CWP) is the state’s regional Workforce Development Board in North Central Connecticut whose mission is to help individuals overcome barriers to employment and close the gap between skills and business hiring needs. They coordinate programs with the hope of developing a skilled and educated workforce in North Central Connecticut.

In 2014, CWP’s Chief Program Officer Pamela Tonello directed the Hartford Opportunity Youth Collaborative which is an initiative that is driven by over 40 area organizations collaborating for impact

More recently, in 2018 Capital Workforce Partners in partnership with the Hartford Opportunity Youth Collaborative, received a $98,000 grant from the Travelers Foundation to support the Hartford Data Collaborative.

This grant “will support collaborative data sharing efforts overall to a total of 15 organizations while preparing a larger plan to scale up the data collaboration to all of the agencies in 2019,” according to Alex Johnson, President, and CEO of CWP.

Importance of Project

This research will help the Hartford organizations efficiently and effectively support the Opportunity Youth.

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