We, the Action Lab Team: students of Capital Community and Trinity Colleges, have come together to commemorate the legacy of the Talcott Street Church and bring to light events within early Connecticut history which were influenced by the church within its time. We would also like to generate an interest in such a remembrance as part of that history. 

cornerstone from original Talcott street church, located at Faith Congregational church

When we first started this project, we were looking to discover a little more about the city in which we live. In this time, we learned of the history of this tiny church and were shocked to learn it was once located on the corner of Talcott and Market Street, a place where a condemned parking garage now stands. The Capital Community College parking garage rests directly across the street, meaning most of us routinely pass by this important landmark without the knowledge it existed. It wasn’t very far off to say we were unprepared for what we would truly learn, the parts of our home for which all of us were oblivious. Our goal is to share what we have learned with everyone else.

Our group consists of four students: Aliyah Freeman-Johnson, Mercy Unoh, Julian Hogan, Armani Parnther

From us

“My name is Julian Hogan. I am a student of Capital Community College working on the Talcott Street Church project. I am a sophomore studying Liberal Arts. It is my goal to become a professional writer and filmmaker.”

“I’m Mercy Unoh. I’m a student at Trinity College, currently on the track on double majoring in Public policy and law and International Studies. My next step after college is going to law school, and then working as a lawyer. ”   

action lab students at Connecticut Historical Society

“My name is Armani Parnther. I am a student at Capital Community College, currently a sophomore. I plan on transferring to UConn in the fall.”

“My name is Aliyah Freeman-Johnson. I am a student at Capital Community College. I am currently a sophomore and I graduate in May of this year. My next step is to continue historical research and work with Harriet Beecher Stowe Center.”


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