Action Plan

Present day site of Talcott Street Church



As discussed in the ‘Methods’ section, our group had a clear plan of how we intended to gather data. However, the covid-19 outbreak caused our data collection process to be cut short. Unfortunately, we were not able to conduct our focus group, which left the brainstorming to the project team and Professor Partridge.

The Plan 

Our group made this website to showcase our research. First we presented our website and proposal to the CEO of Capital Community College and other college and community members, including members of the State Historic Preservation Office.  Below is our proposal for both Capital Community College and the City of Hartford.


Ideas for Capital Community College

Short term

  • Create a workshop for faculty to learn about the site and develop course material that uses its history to explore relevant topics that will inspire students
  • Develop a poster campaign or mural campaign with significant quotes on education and other topics from Pennington, Easton, Plato, Mars, etc.
  • Create an annual lecture on black history and name it after Pennington
  • Name the new Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Center after one of these figures. For example, the Pennington Center for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Long term

  • Establish a new writing scholarship in Ann Plato’s name to inform people of her history and ties to African American literature
  • Engage the Black Student Union, Student Senate, and other clubs and honor societies in the history and significance of the Talcott Street Church and African School to inspire them to keep the legacy alive.
  • Create an exhibit located in the lobby (by the front with the glass panels), which is already in the format of a museum exhibit, only needing the collection we provided in our online exhibit
  • Name a classroom after a key figure to permanently embed their legacy into Capital Community College
  • Develop a research course at Capital for those who are more interested in diving into the rich history
  • Establish an internship or class with Faith Congregational Church as a means of helping the Hartford community, and also potentially an independent study credit

Ideas for Hartford

Short term

  • Apply to include the Talcott location on the state’s Freedom Trail

Long Term

  • Encourage the Hartford Public School system to create coursework around this history so that young people growing up in Hartford will understand the roots of black history in Hartford and its early efforts in self-advocacy for social justice and advancement
  • Establish a plaque on church site to allow the public to see the commemoration of the Talcott Street Church daily
  • Create an exhibit in the existing exhibit state at the Market Street exit of 960 Main Street (see photos below)

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