Archival Research

We conducted archival research for the duration of the semester. The Hartford History Center started off the research. We looked at old directories and maps at the Hartford History Center. Mercy and Aliyah completed archival research at the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center, while Julian and Armani went to the Old State House. As a group, we search through records at the Connecticut Historical Society. Some of the artifacts we looked at are the Geer’s Directory, daguerreotypes, maps, letters, broadsides, and newspaper articles. We did archival research with the following places: Hartford History Center, Connecticut Historical Society, Harriet Beecher Stowe Center and Watkinson Library.


We were welcomed by Sally Whipple, Executive Director of The Old State House as well as her staff. There, she explained to us the links between the Talcott Street Church and several cases in Hartford, including The Amistad Trials and Prudence Crandall case. We were addressed by Steve Thornton, and were pleased to be given a guided tour where he supplied us with more connections around the city. And finally, we were greeted by members of the Faith Congregational Church, namely Alice Lumpkin, Barbara Wiggins, Herbert Knight and Gail Martin. They gave us a tour of their church as well as personal accounts of the church’s history. In the acknowledgments, everyone who contributed to this element are included.

Harriett Beech Stowe Center


During one of our first meetings with Professor Partridge, he lent us books pertaining to the historical figures we researched. A complete list of readings we consulted can be found in the Bibliography section of this website.

Collecting Data for Action Plan

We scheduled a focus group for Wednesday March 25th, 2020. Seven faculty members and seven students were going to participate. Before asking the questions we came up with, two members of our team briefly introduce the project. From there, the following questions are asked: How many of you know the history of Talcott Street Church, or are you hearing of it for the first time? How does this unknown history affect the way you see your community? Do you think Capital should memorialize the history of the church? What would you like Capital Community College to do to memorialize the church’s legacy? How much of a role does your church play in your life? Do you attend church ? Where do you attend/or how often do you attend church? What role does education play in your life?

*Unfortunately we were not able to conduct our data collection through this described method. See limitations to find out why*

Action Research

Our group instead made this website to showcase our research. First we presented our website, and then created a proposal to the CEO of Capital Community College on how we could memorialize the legacy of Talcott Street Church. All of our group members came up with an one page proposal to memorialize Talcott Street Church. We also had ideas for the old site of the church, and because it is property of the city of Hartford, we have made proposals for Hartford as well. We hope that our project will bring change for the city of Hartford and the legacy of Talcott Street Church.