Interview Findings

As a result, of the informal interviews we have conducted, we can conclude that all of our respondents fit into the age range (18-28), live in the Hartford area and surrounding towns (West Hartford). Six of our respondents are Hispanic/Latino, nine of our respondents are Black/ African American/Jamaican, two respondents are Asian,  and two respondents are White, proving that the largest ethnic groups in Hartford are Black or African American (47.4%), Hispanic (31.6%) and White (10.5%).

A total of nine females, eight males, and one transgender woman responded.For the most part, respondents have visited and have an interest in public institutions such as the Hartford Public Library, Connecticut’s Old State House, Connecticut Science Center, Wadsworth, Hartford Stage, Bushnell, Charter Oak, Performing Arts Center, and Mark Twain House.

They have heard about these institutions due to advertisements on social media, flyers, schools, library services, and just by living in the area. Nine of our respondents visited these institutions with their family/friends, five of our respondents visited for reasons such as completing a school assignment or visiting with classmates, and four of our respondents visited these institutions by themselves. Only three out of eighteen respondents had heard of the Connecticut Historical Society before but none of them have visited it.

The major obstacle that has stopped people from visiting and acknowledging this institution is that they have never heard about it, not aware of its existence. Sixteen of our respondents are interested in knowing more about the Connecticut Historical Society, and two of our respondents aren’t interested in it. There are a variety of events of their interest that would motivate them to visit this institution, some of the institutions mentioned are the following: Art in Connecticut, the history of Connecticut, important figures in Hartford History, Architecture, Nature, Black History, African American impact in Connecticut, buildings, parks, Jamaican History, horror, and haunted topics. The majority of respondents are willing to attend other Connecticut Historical Society events of interest.

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