Research Findings

Survey Findings

We received a total of 1,042 responses, which were reduced to 183 after data cleaning shown in below data analysis.

Key Findings: 
According to our data …..

Our Respondents & Demography:
Most of respondents are residents live in Hartford city area and identified themself as white. 

For respondents who visited CHS before: 

  • Overall, their satisfaction with current cultural activity programming at the Community Partner was neutral, with both mean and median score of 3 , where 1 is “very unsatisfactory” and 5 is “very satisfactory”.
  • 70% of respondents spent more than 15 mins in CHS.
    97% of them are willing to visit CHS again.
    And 98% of respondents are willing to visit CHS with their family.

Social Media Usage: 
The majority of the audience learned about CHS through social media. And they generally tend to use Facebook to interact with cultural institutions.

Reason for Visiting:
Respondents prefer to visit the cultural institution due to their fun social/cultural activity.

Factors that Influence Their Visit:
Overall  trend of considering availability of public transportation. Also, respondents with Associate or Bachelor degree has higher consideration of cite of the institution for their visiting.

Prefered Historical Themes:
Our respondents show the interest in Revolutionary war as a history-related exhibition to visit. The data also showed that people were interested in Indigenous history, but that respondents of different ethnicities preferred to learn about their own cultural history. In other history theme choices, respondents preferred to learn about the historical and cultural background of the place they lived, as the story of Hartford’s history.

Interview Findings

To ensure the objectivity of the data, we interviewed local residents by participating in cultural events in the Hartford area. The data sample of informal interviews compensated for the diversity of online questionnaire respondents, that 90% of the interviewees were people of color.

Key Findings: 

  • Informal Interviews conducted at Hartford events
  • Questions about their interest in local museums and cultural institutions
  • Based on our responses Hartford Public Library is the most visited public institution
  • Respondents showed interest in Connecticut History and willing to attend different events/programs

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