– Work closely and forge relationships with other relevant Hartford cultural institutions on visitor packages, social media, and events
– Advertise CHS at area events that attract young adults (i.e. DominGO!, farmers’ markets)
– Host events for cultural celebrations important to the Hartford community and partner with relevant organizations to do so
– Establish partnerships with area universities to collaborate on tasks like classes, internships, research partnerships, volunteer opportunities, and semester-long projects

picture of youth in front of building in West Hartford
Source: Mayors Youth Council, West Hartford, CT

Based on a review of both academic literature and features of university-affiliated museums, we strongly recommend the establishment of a youth advisory board, which would incorporate young adult participation beyond museum visitation.  Youth Advisory Boards, made up of young adults from area high schools or colleges, can lend their voices to impactful social media, exhibits, events, and more.  See this article for a reflection on thoughtful components of a youth council; see also these examples of university museums that have youth advisory boards:

– Concentrate more social media effort on Facebook and connect with young adult-focused organizations, such as history departments and young professional organizations
– Work towards multicultural accessibility in marketing and exhibits and integrate survey feedback
– Work towards multi-sensory accessibility (i.e. audio guides, make exhibits more interactive)
– Increase the number and functionality of CHS’s online interactive exhibits
– Connect past and present to make exhibits more engaging
– Listen to popular feedback expressing interest in Hartford-focused exhibits

– Increase marketing in Hartford’s popular public platforms (i.e. buses, newspapers)
– Outreach to Hartford’s public schools (tours, youth-focused events)
– Outreach to businesses employing lots of young adults (strategies could include reduced price tickets and events)
– Cater more events to young adults at reduced cost and convenient times (weekends and evenings)
– Based on near-unanimous interest in AAPI history from all racial groups, increase advertisement of Chinese Educational Mission exhibit

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