1. What is the Action Lab?

The Action Lab is a program where students work on semester-long research projects in collaboration with Hartford community partners in teams made up of student and faculty members from Trinity College and CT State Community College Capital

2. What projects are offered next semester at the Action Lab? 

The Action Lab offers different projects each semester. For the most up-to-date information, please visit the Students page on our website.

3. When are the applications due for students? 

Applications open every semester prior to advising period and course registration. This typically takes place in September-October for the spring semester and January-February for the fall semester. Learn more about the application here!

4. Can I take the Action Lab courses for credit? 

Students that join the Action Lab enroll in 2 courses for credit: Action Research Methods class (1 credit for Trinity, i.e., 3 credits for Capital students) and a course on their assigned Hartford Research Project (1 credit for Trinity, i.e., 3 credits for Capital students). 

5. Will the Action Lab courses count towards my major or minor? 

Trinity students:

Action Lab courses may fulfill the Numerical & Symbolic Reasoning and Wellness requirements and, depending on the project and your department’s requirements, may also count toward your major or minor. Some majors that accept Action Lab credits include Educational Studies, Human Rights, Public Policy & Law, and Urban Studies. Action Lab courses are also accepted by the Urban Studies and Community Action minors. You can find the full list of majors/minors and distribution requirements here. Please contact the Action Lab Director Laura Minor (Laura.Minor@trincoll.edu) if you have questions about the application process and be in touch with your academic advisor to discuss how the Action Lab can fit into your degree. 

Capital students:

The two LAAL courses count 3 credits each (6 in total) and will transfer to the student’s CT State transcript as follows:

– LAAL 200 Action Research Methods in Hartford = SOC 2098 Special Topics in Sociology: Community Research Methods

– LAAL 201 Hartford Research Project = HUM 1098 Special Topics in Humanities: Hartford Research Project

These courses apply to any major that requires a Social Sciences Elective, a Humanities Elective, and/or Unrestricted (i.e., Free) Electives. Capital students need to contact the Capital Faculty Director for advising on this process and for registration in these courses. The current Faculty Director is Professor Jeffrey Partridge (jpartridge@ccc.commnet.edu, (860)906-5191).

6. Where is the Action Lab located? 

The Action Lab is located in Trinity’s downtown Innovation Hub at 1 Constitution Plaza third floor

7. What transportation options are available to students?

Many students decide to ride the city bus (for free!) using the Bantam bus pass. Other options include carpooling, Ubering, or riding a bike.


Have more questions? Feel free to contact Director Laura Minor at Laura.Minor@trincoll.edu


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