Partners + Proposals

Previously, applications have taken place in October for the spring semester, and February for the fall semester. However, going forward we will be taking new applications just once a year in the summer/early fall, selecting projects for the entire upcoming calendar year. Sign up for our email list to be notified of the application deadline!

The Liberal Arts Action Lab invites Hartford community partners* to submit a 3-paragraph proposal on a question you’d like to explore alongside a team of student and faculty researchers from Capital Community College and Trinity College. Examples of past projects are on our website here.  

After submission, your proposal will appear online to help us match you with interested faculty fellows and students. If your submission is selected, a representative of your group must be available to meet with the Liberal Arts Action Lab team at least once a month for about an hour during the spring semester (September to December 2023, on either Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday afternoons or Tuesday/Wednesday evenings) at 10 Constitution Plaza in Hartford.  

Need some help brainstorming? Here are some questions asked by community partners from previous semesters: 

  • Hartford Heritage Project and Hartford History Center asked, “How can we raise awareness about the Talcott Street Congregational Church, the first Black Congregational Church in Hartford and third in the nation?” 
    • Students created an online exhibit on this website, and their recommendations inspired a successful NEH grant application.
  • LISC asked, “How can we expand opportunities for homeownership in Hartford’s North End?”  
    • Students collected data and created this website summarizing their findings.
  • SINA asked, “What is the history of Frog Hollow, as told through the voices of its residents?”  
    • Students conducted oral history interviews and took the first steps toward creating a walking tour of the neighborhood. Learn more.

For more information or help to develop your proposal, contact Laura Minor, Interim Director of the Action Lab, at  

 * We define community partners broadly and include non-profit organizations, neighborhood groups, government agencies, social entrepreneurs, and other members of the Hartford community.