Accepting Applications for Spring 2019:

The Action Lab Hartford Resident Advisory Board has prioritized six proposals, and we are accepting applications from faculty fellows by Wednesday October 24th, 2018. See full project descriptions below the form.

  • Culinary Careers Project: Billings Forge Community Works asks for research to improve its training programs for entry-level food service workers to move into middle-income managerial jobs.
  • Neighborhood Needs Project: Southwest and Behind the Rocks Neighborhood Revitalization Zone (NRZ) requests a community survey to better understand local needs and assets.
  • Student Success Project: West Indian Foundation asks for research to improve the integration of West Indian children and families into Hartford-area schools.
  • Colt Park Project: The National Parks Service and its Hartford partners seek a better model to estimate annual park usage and collect data about people’s experiences at Colt Park.
  • Latinx Theater Project: Hartford Stage requests local research with Hartford’s Latinx arts community to improve and expand their partnerships and programming.
  • Riverside Recapture Project: Riverfront Recapture asks for research with Hartford’s North End neighborhoods to guide their two-mile expansion of the Riverwalk trail system.

Prospective faculty fellows are welcome to list up to 3 preferences. Your name will publicly appear online, to help us match you with interested students. Full-time or part-time faculty, advanced graduate students, or staff with subject or method expertise, from Capital Community College, Trinity College, or other institutions in the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education, are welcome to apply.

Action Lab Director Megan Brown teaches all students and supervises their research meetings every week. Faculty Fellows provide additional academic guidance and evaluate student work, and must be available to meet with their project team at least once a month (either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday afternoons, or Wednesday evenings) during the semester at our downtown campus, plus one additional pre-semester meeting of all faculty fellows. The Action Lab will inform prospective fellows if they have been matched to a project team by early November, before students pre-register for the Spring 2019 semester. If selected, faculty fellows will receive a $1,000 stipend. Contact us if you have questions about the application process.

Project proposals: