The Liberal Arts Action Lab is located downtown inside Trinity College at 10 Constitution Plaza, Hartford CT.

You can access the plaza from either the stairs on Market Street facing the old State House or the stairs at the corner of Kinsley and Market across from UCONN. Once in the plaza, look for a one-story glass building with two Trinity College signs and a Liberal Arts Action Lab sign.

Transportation & Parking

1) Ride a bike. We have a bicycle rack in front of our building.

2) Take the local bus that is currently free till December 1, 2022.

3) Ride-hailing services such as Lyft and Uber and local taxi services.

4) Carpool with others who are driving to the same location.

5) If you choose to drive by car, remember that downtown parking is scarce and expensive. Street parking is very limited and has a 2-hour limit on weekdays from 8am-6pm, making it unsuitable for students enrolled in a 3-hour class.

Go to Constitution Plaza Parking – South Garage entrance (around 68 Kinsley Street) to park directly underneath the Action Lab. This parking garage charges $26.50 per day, or $13.20 for 3 hours, during daytime hours. The Action Lab will validate parking for community partners and other invited guests, but we do not subsidize parking for students.

Constitution Plaza – South Parking Garage – Kinsley Street