The Liberal Arts Action Lab is located downtown inside Trinity College at 10 Constitution Plaza, Hartford CT.


Look for a one-story glass building on the plaza level, above the street level. Walk up the stairs to Constitution Plaza at the corner of State House Square and Market Street, or at the corner of Kinsley Street and Market Street.

Recommended options:

1) Ride free with Bantam Bus Pass: Trinity students may contact the Office of Community Service and Civic Engagement in Mather basement to request a Bantam Bus Pass for unlimited free rides on the CT Transit bus system. Or pay the regular one-way adult fare of $1.75 and bring exact change.

Bus routes that stop at Trinity College:

Use any of these buses to head to downtown Hartford. Budget at least 30 minutes for door-to-door travel from Trinity’s main campus to the downtown campus, including a short walk to and from the bus stops.

  • 37-39-41 New Britain Ave bus route
    • to head downtown, catch bus at Henry St (The Tap)
    • stop at Main and Central Row (short walk to 10 Constitution Plaza, Trinity downtown campus )
    • to head back to campus, catch bus at Main and Pearl (Gold Building)
  • 61 Broad Street bus route
    • to head downtown, catch bus at Vernon St (Trinfo Cafe)
    • stop at Pearl and Lewis St (short walk to 10 Constitution Plaza, Trinity downtown campus)
    • to head back to campus, catch bus at Main and Gold St (across from Wadsworth museum)

Highly recommended: download the free Transit app (screenshot at right) to your Apple or Android smartphone for directions and real-time bus data.

Or use Google Maps Directions to plan your trip.

2) Ride a bike. Buy an inexpensive bike from BiCiCo in Hartford. Plan your route with Google Maps Directions for bicycling.

3) Ride-hailing services such as Lyft and Uber and local taxi services.

4) Carpool with others who are driving to the same location.

5) If you choose to drive by car, remember that downtown parking is scarce and expensive. Street parking is very limited and has a 2-hour limit on weekdays from 8am-6pm, making it unsuitable for students enrolled in a 3-hour class.

Go to Constitution Plaza Parking – South Garage entrance (around 68 Kinsley Street) to park directly underneath the Action Lab. This parking garage charges $26.50 per day, or $13.20 for 3 hours, during daytime hours. The Action Lab will validate parking for community partners and other invited guests, but we do not subsidize parking for students.

Constitution Plaza – South Parking Garage – Kinsley Street